Main characters Edit

Actor Season
2015 2016 2017
colspan="4" Template:Rh2| Main
Sydric Quenor
colspan="3" Template:CMain
Mainor Piedra
colspan="3" Template:CMain
Kate Rose
colspan="1" Template:N/a colspan="1" Template:CRecurring colspan="1" Template:CMain
Miguel Velez
colspan="1" Template:CMain colspan="2" Template:CGuest
Alexa Nikolas
Nicole Bristow colspan="2" Template:CMain colspan="2" Template:N/a
Christopher Massey
Michael Barret colspan="4" Template:CMain
Erin Sanders
Quinn Pensky colspan="4" Template:CMain
Matthew Underwood
Logan Reese colspan="4" Template:CMain
Victoria Justice
Lola Martinez colspan="1" Template:N/a colspan="3" Template:CMain
Austin Butler
James Garrett colspan="2" Template:N/a colspan="1" Template:CGuest colspan="1" Template:CMain

Zoey Brooks Edit

Zoey Brooks
Vital statistics
Title {{{title}}}
Gender Female
Race {{{race}}}
Faction {{{faction}}}
Health {{{health}}}
Level {{{level}}}
Status {{{status}}}
Location {{{location}}}

Age: 13-14 (Season 1), 14-15 (Season 2), 15 (Season 3), and 16 (Season 4)

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